Imagine having a strong connection with the Archangels and having 15 incredible beings of light walking with you every step of the way.

They are here to help…

All you need to do is ask!

Archangels can offer you loving support and powerful guidance.

Each Archangel has their own unique abilities and heavenly wisdom to help you in your life right now.

Discover how to connect with them, and understand how you can work together to overcome blocks, raise your vibration, and follow your life’s purpose and so much more!


In this course you will learn:

WINGS LOGO 40  The purpose of Angels and how they can help you in your daily life

WINGS LOGO 40  Who the Archangels are and the role each Archangel plays

WINGS LOGO 40  How to identify Archangel aura colors so you can easily recognize them

WINGS LOGO 40  How free will works

WINGS LOGO 40  All the common signs Angels send you to get your attention

WINGS LOGO 40  How to create an Angel Altar

WINGS LOGO 40  How to create an Angel Journal

WINGS LOGO 40  How to pray to your Angels

This course is currently offered over Zoom and is approximately 2 hours long,

depending of questions and the number of students.

Cost of Course: $ 98.00

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