Angels 101 - The Basics

Did you know that you have Angels? And did you know that they are always with you? Would you like to know how each Angel impacts, guides, and protects you?

If so, this is the course for you! You will learn all the basics you need to know in order to connect with Angels any time you wish including:

  • The purpose of Angels and how they can help you in your daily life
  • Who the Archangels are and the role each Archangel plays
  • How to identify Archangel aura colors so you can easily recognize them
  • How free will works
  • All the common signs Angels send you to get your attention
  • How to create an Angel Altar
  • How to keep an Angel Journal
  • How to pray to your Angels

If you would like to know more about this course, contact me here. I love teaching about Angels!

Cost of Course: $125.00

Let’s Learn About Angels!!

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