Guardian Angels vs Archangels Is there a Difference?

I a I am often asked this question…and the simple answer is Yes!!    So, let’s first begin with what a Guardian Angel is.  From the moment of conception straight through to the day of your passing, you will have your guardian angel constantly by your side. I was fascinated to learn from my angel’s, that in fact your guardian angel has been with you in ALL your lifetimes. Guardian angels guide and protect us throughout various stages of our lives. Our guardian angels are here to serve us and no one else. I consider them our own “personal angels.” And because we have free will, they usually don’t intervene in our lives without our permission. If we want some help with anything, all we need to do is to ask them for their assistance and they will be there for us.   Archangels on the other hand, each have their own special and unique abilities and are able to intervene into anyone’s life. Archangels will come and go, they appear when you call on them, and will leave when they are done assisting you.  As there is truly no linear time on the other side, Archangels can help people and situations simultaneously. When we call on an individual Archangel to work with us, they give us unconditional attention to our difficulties, obstacles and even things like sadness or grief. Don’t worry that you are overburdening them, they will listen and respond when you call on them for help.  Archangels are able to manage the concerns of many realms and dimensions, and traditionally they may communicate with us while meditating, and give us wise and thoughtful insight. Archangels have the freedom to move through all the spiritual realms. They like to work, with fairies, plants, ascended masters, animals, people and other angels. They are able to create miracles in any sphere and my belief is that no matter what the situation is… “There IS an Angel for that!”

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Yvonne Cote, is an Angel Medium and Spiritual Mentor.  Following a near-death experience, she felt called to work with Angels and holds certifications as an Angel Practitioner and Guide, a Moonologist, Numerologist, and Colour Intuitive.  She’s also a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healer.

She shares her passion for Angels and their powers of healing, protecting, and guiding through private consultation and specializes in helping people seeking clarity and alignment with their life purpose.

Yvonne’s also the host of ‘Angels & Intuition,’ a private Facebook Community for those interested in healing energy work, connecting more deeply with their inner voice and intuition, and learning about what their Angels have to share.

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