Refresh Your Soul with a Simple Spiritual Spring Clean

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.

It can also be a period of revitalization for your spirit.

You may feel inspired as the weather warms and new plant buds poke through. It’s time to clear out old debris and create space for new growth in your inner landscape.

Enjoy this simple spiritual spring cleaning. It involves identifying and releasing energetic blocks that may be clouding your intuition. Clearing away stagnant energy allows your intuitive abilities to flow freely. Your inner wisdom has a chance to shine through and guide you on your life path.

‘Energetic blocks’ are low-vibrational energies built up in your energetic field or ‘aura’.

Common Sources of Energetic Blocks Include:

Unresolved emotions

Limiting beliefs


Attachments to people/situations, or even

The toxicity you’ve absorbed from your environment

Anything that creates heaviness or obscures your natural clarity can block your intuition. Being ‘all cluttered up’ internally keeps you from being aligned with your purpose.

Removing these blocks dusts away cobwebs, revealing the clear windows to your soul. A spiritual spring cleaning allows those windows to let in the warm sunlight. An internal “spring cleaning” can help get you in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Why Spiritual Spring Cleaning is Important

With the arrival of spring comes an opportunity for renewal and growth. As the fresh energy of spring awakens nature, it stirs something within us as well.

When we allow stagnant energies and negative emotions to build up, it’s difficult to focus. Spiritual cleansing techniques allow us to clear anything that no longer serves us. Removing energetic blocks creates space for our intuition to flow freely once more. 

Just as you may declutter your home, this is the perfect time for some spiritual cleansing.

  • Your intuition will blossom like spring flowers coming into bloom.
  • You’ll be able to tap into your intuition.
  • You’ll access higher guidance, align with your truth, and move forward with confidence.

We can harness this renewed energy to prioritize our spiritual health. Performing cleansing rituals helps activate, balance, and amplify our energy. With our energy vibrant and unobstructed, our intuition sharpens.

Signs You May Need a Spiritual Cleanse

Feeling the need for a spiritual cleanse is not always obvious.

Here are some common signs that your energy is blocked or weighed down. You could benefit from releasing what no longer serves you if you’re:

  • Feeling stuck, restless, or anxious.  You may notice your mood feels more negative than usual, or you feel agitated for no clear reason. A pervasive sense of unease is a clue you have energetic blocks that need clearing.
  • Experiencing brain fog or fatigue. If you feel muddled or exhausted, this indicates low or stagnant energy. A spiritual cleanse can refresh your energy and mental clarity.
  • Increased negative thinking. Do you notice more pessimism or criticism in your self-talk? This can indicate that dense energetic blocks are interfering with your natural positivity. Releasing these can help restore a more uplifted frame of mind.

Pay attention to patterns. These clues will let you know you’re due for a soulful cleanse. Clearing away the energetic cobwebs will allow your spiritual radiance to shine through.

Tip 1: Declutter Your Space

Physical clutter can create energetic clutter that blocks your intuition.

When your environment is chaotic, your mind also feels chaotic. This makes it more difficult to tap into your inner wisdom.  Spring is the perfect time to declutter your living space.

Here’s how to methodically declutter your space:

  • Go through each room.
  • Only keep items that serve a purpose or bring you joy. Eliminate what you no longer    use, want, or need.
  • Be ruthless. Decide what to donate, recycle, or toss.
  • Only keep items that serve a purpose or bring you joy.
  • Streamline your books, toys, craft supplies, and any other cluttered areas.
  • Remove things off counters and other surfaces so they’re completely cleared.

Decluttering your closets and drawers is especially important. Go through your clothes and remove anything you haven’t worn in over a year. Donate gently used items so someone else can enjoy them. Have a garage sale or online sale to earn extra money from quality items.

Organize items in bins, shelves, or drawers. The goal is to create a serene environment with space to breathe.

When your home is orderly, your mind will feel calmer and more focused.

With less physical clutter, you’ll have an easier time tuning into your inner wisdom. The energy in your space will flow more freely, allowing you to access intuitive insights.

Tip 2: Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and releasing negativity. Practicing mindfulness helps you tune into your inner wisdom and heightens your intuition. Here are some ways you can practice mindfulness:


  • Set aside time each day to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Start with 5-10 minutes and work your way up to longer sessions.
  • Pay attention to any thoughts or sensations without judging them. The key is to acknowledge them and let them pass through your mind.
  • Apps like Calm, Headspace, and Insight Timer provide guided meditations. If you’re new to the practice, check them out and find your favourites.


  • Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences is a form of mindfulness. 
  • Don’t worry about formatting or grammar. The goal is to be present as you freely express yourself.
  • After a busy day, reflect on moments that gave you joy or insight.
  • Recognize a few things you have to be grateful for. Practicing gratitude helps you be more mindful of the positive in your life. When we focus on the positive in our lives, we attract more of it into our lives.
  • Journaling allows you to release negativity and tap into your inner guidance.

 Spend Time in Nature

  • Nature has a profoundly soothing effect on our minds. 
  • Try walking barefoot on the grass, sitting under a tree, or listening to birdsong.
  • Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural world.
  • Time spent in nature cleanses your energy and recharges your intuition.

The key is being fully present and releasing any negativity that arises. With regular mindfulness practice, you’ll notice your intuition becomes stronger and clearer.

Tip 3: Change Your Diet

What we put into our bodies impacts our energy and intuition.

During your spiritual cleaning, begin to shift what you regularly eat. Choose foods that boost your energy and mental clarity.

Here are some tips:

  • Eat light, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Choose plant-based, minimally processed foods more often. This will infuse you with natural energy.
  • Avoid processed foods and toxins. Artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, refined sugars, and flours can cloud your intuition. Eliminate junk food, fast food, sugary snacks and beverages.
  • Drink plenty of purified water to flush out toxins. Hydration supports all your body’s functions.
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake, at least during your spiritual cleanse. Alcohol can hinder your intuition.
  • Pay attention to how different foods make you feel. Notice which foods give you lasting energy and which leave you feeling sluggish. Tailor your diet accordingly.

What you eat makes a big difference during spiritual cleansing. Your mind and intuition can operate at peak performance when we nourish our bodies. Choose whole foods, with limited processed ingredients as often as you can.

Notice Signs Your Intuition is Heightened

As you make efforts to clear energetic blocks, you’ll begin to notice signs that your intuition is strengthening. Here are some common indications that your spiritual cleaning is working:

  • Precognitive Dreams – Pay attention to vivid or repeating dream themes. Your subconscious may be picking up intuitive insights.
  • Increased Creativity – Opening up energetically can spark new creative visions, ideas, and projects. You may receive inspiring downloads to create art, music, writing, or other expressions. Stay open to where your creativity leads.
  • Inner Clarity – Decision-making may feel clearer and more aligned with your truth. You’ll gain confidence in trusting your instincts and acting upon your inner wisdom. Things that used to cause confusion or uncertainty no longer feel so murky.
  • Enhanced Instincts – Your gut feelings about people or situations will sharpen. You’ll start to recognize when to trust your vibes versus overthinking things.
  • Spiritual Awareness – You may notice a greater sense of connection and communication with your spirit guides, angels, the universe, or divinity. You may encounter validating signs, synchronicities, or feel a higher presence guiding you.
  • Empathic Abilities – You may become more empathic and able to understand other people’s emotions or energy. But be sure to practice boundary-setting so as not to absorb negative energy.

As your intuitive channels open up, embrace the signs with gratitude. Continue your spiritual practices so your intuition evolves and guides you in the right direction. Trust in your inner wisdom.

With a decluttered mind, body, and space you can tune into your intuition with greater ease. A spiritual spring cleaning allows you to let go of what no longer serves so you can call in more of what your soul needs.

Use these suggestions all year for ongoing spiritual growth. When we clear away energetic cobwebs and create space for our intuition to flow freely, we open the door to greater self-awareness, inner peace, and alignment with our higher selves and purpose.


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