In Tune With The Moon

Have you ever wondered if there is an ideal time for you to put a request out into the Universe to manifest something? The answer to this is “absolutely!” In fact, the different moon phases carry different energies, and if you plan your life events around these phases you can manifest incredible things, not only in your personal life but in your business life as well. I will teach you about these phases and how you can immediately implement them in your daily life.

During this one-on-one session you will receive a casting of your birth chart, a personalized twelve-month moon planner, learn what moon cycle you were born under and what that means, how to plan monthly activities according to the moon phases, elements and zodiac houses including all void moon times and retrogrades. Also included is a copy of my personal New Moon and Full Moon Rituals, AND I will also include both a New and Full Moon Oracle Card Reading by email.

Session price:  1 hour-$125.00

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